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All You Need to Know About Cartooning - Comments

All You Need to Know About Cartooning - a concise illustrated guide to the basics of drawing cartoons, with tips on necessary cartooning materials, the creative process, controlling facial expressions through the eyes, adding action with wiffles, stinkles, puffles, whackos and whooshes, getting your cartoons published and more

tommy   02-September-2005 - 12:37:49
i like art

Roslyn   26-February-2007 - 08:16:21
I delve through so much rubbish when looking for something and this site was perfect - to the point. Thanks.

Russ   26-March-2007 - 10:23:51
Very informative (small site.) Good information for the begining cartoonist. Thanks.

qq   12-August-2008 - 21:43:43
It's simple and easy to absorb

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