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Drawing for Classical Animation - Comments

Drawing for Classical Animation - sequential, illustrated guides to basic drawing principles and the ability to create movement with drawings (i.e. animation), with instruction in animating in perspective, basic hands, arms and eyes, basic principles of animation, constructing characters out of basic shapes, drawing basic shapes so they look three-dimensional, how to manipulate basic shapes, the flour sack character and much more

Arnie   24-May-2004 - 21:08:02
Highly educational - and very entertaining!

tricia   28-June-2004 - 15:06:31
this site was really cool! it helped me with a lot of my drawing skills! thanks!

cheery   10-October-2005 - 06:09:35
its good, its got the basics and a few secrets u wouldn't find elsewhere!

anna   02-April-2006 - 23:52:29
like your drawings

Al   15-December-2006 - 11:10:05
Oi! what ever you needed to know you can get it in this article QUICK~~~!!!

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