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Klasky Csupo Animation Lessons - Comments

Klasky Csupo Animation Lessons - brief step-by-step lessons in animation, covering such topics as backgrounds, coloring and props, how to create characters out of basic shapes, how to determine height and basic details, movement sketches, turnarounds, advanced animation drawing and more

sally   08-July-2005 - 15:01:37
i loved this site

belladonna took   31-January-2006 - 07:06:34
living in africa, books or manuals on how to draw especially cartoons are hard to come by. these 34 pages were AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING. a big thank you and even more so for making it free.

Zariel   31-October-11 - 04:36:44
This is the peferct way to break down this information.

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