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How to Draw a Caricature - Comments

How to Draw a Caricature - a short illustrated guide on the key elements of a drawing good caricature, with tips on likeness, life, exaggeration, line quality, the foundation, level of detail, drawing the eyes, nose, mouth, chin, cheeks, jaw, ears, hairline, hair, head, eyebrows and more

adly collado   09-November-2004 - 21:10:44
that website was great. i learned all the basics that i needed to start my caricatures

carolee warren   27-April-2005 - 15:35:46
Great, basics I needed. Thanks

Lily   30-November-2005 - 19:28:39
Very nice Site. ^^

Dee   13-April-2006 - 21:02:53
most informative and easily followed, I learned a lot and would be interested in learning more

Ruben Diaz   02-August-2006 - 14:01:44
very good info , well illustrated, thank you

Robin   04-October-2006 - 15:24:29
Excellent tutorial on drawing caricatures, I've bought other books and DVD's on the subject, but believe me, I always go back to Mario's simple and easy to follow tutorial.

ashley   06-February-2007 - 15:25:33
this really helped me lot w/ drawing .

ghf   03-June-2007 - 16:34:27
don't worry i;m not going to click :)

frank   04-December-2009 - 04:21:39
no comment

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