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Physics For Beginners - Comments

Physics For Beginners - a complete online introductory course in the basic concepts of physics, designed for people who have had little or no experience in physics and requiring minimal mathematics, covering Newton's laws of motion, force and acceleration, kinematics, gravity, uniform circular motion and much more

ZoraTheRetinopathicSquirrel   17-June-2004 - 09:53:20
This is an excellent site!

As I find math an abhorrent subject, this site has been the most bennificial to me as far as physics is concerned, presenting concepts in a basic, easy to understand, nontechnical format. When I saw wannalearn didn't have it, I thoughtit an absolute necessity to place it within the grasp of those normal individuals who don't spend hours waiting through the crap search engines can provide to find that ever illusive jewel among websites, and, who might, as I do, love the concepts of physics, but have difficulty grasping the mathematics. Enjoy!

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