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Acrylic Painting Tips - Comments

Acrylic Painting Tips - text-based tips to painting with acrylics, with instruction on blending, cheap sources of palettes, retarder, the wet palette, using watercolour masking fluid and more

Richard Gallo   08-August-2004 - 23:59:04
Great solutions ( no Pun :))

frank maguire   01-August-2005 - 19:37:31
Enjoyed the lesson altho' I knew all that stuff. What I want to know is how to clean off a board or canvas that has already dried and the paint is laid on thickly. Do I ask my wife to do it? Or is there an easy way? I only use acrylics and I cheat as much as possible. My web site is:-www.irishdaze.com If you look please sign the register. Thanks Frank.

Donna Masseo   19-August-2005 - 17:15:11
Excellent site!

Rachel   20-August-2005 - 11:48:29
Thanks for the information. Very clear and concise.

mark rodriguez   25-November-2005 - 16:13:52
very informatize

judith   27-December-2005 - 20:30:55
I found all the info help full. Thanks

Ian T   24-April-2006 - 00:55:59
Thanks all! I had no idea my "Acrylic Painting Tips" page was linked from here. Frank, rubbing alcohol is pretty effective at removing acrylic paint, but you'd need to get any residue totally cleaned off afterwards, or future overpainting on that canvas would suffer.

Gary drake   06-March-2007 - 18:02:34
Phew! Glad I found your site of tips for acrylic painting. You pointed out just the advice I was looking for. BTW, can you use a UV blocker spray on the finished piece? ( only if you have time). Gary

Destinee(cool huh?   08-May-2007 - 20:29:36

diop   18-September-2007 - 10:59:01
I've just started acrilyc painting (I'm retired and French speaking)Your texts are easy to understand for a non anglophone. Thank you I carry on reading and learning with your help

Catherine   24-February-2008 - 12:09:31
Great site, very informative

muhammed qasim joyo   28-May-2009 - 15:13:59
its good website its verry helop full for any art student

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