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Elin Pendleton: Painting Horses in Landscape with Figures - Comments

Elin Pendleton: Painting Horses in Landscape with Figures - an online oil painting lesson outlining the stages one artist goes through to create a finished painting from reference photographs

Rose-Mary Porter   24-September-2004 - 20:41:36
I just decided to try to learn to paint in oil. I am 72 and want to do something new & creative. I have been on a 6 day trip & viewed many Galleries in New Mexico & Arizona, loved Prescott.

Ralph Santora   26-August-2005 - 17:53:56
I like your style of painting.Color put on without too much over blending.

Elin Pendleton   29-August-2005 - 19:35:13
I have three new DVDs coming out on painting in oils using my color system that is easy to follow and results in paintings that reflect a specific time of day--morning light, moon light, noon light and sunsets. Backlighting and afternoon light will be in the third DVD, soon!
Contact me through my web site www.elinart.com

Reza   22-December-2005 - 17:37:32
Thanks a lot for the detailed instruction. can you advise or send a demo on knife painting

Kaz   16-January-2008 - 23:28:26
I found it very informative .
Especially on colours used.
I look forward to purchasing her books.

Bob   14-August-2008 - 03:29:21
A fine demonstration using a minimum palette which gives insight into the procedural steps and the use of color. The accompanying remarks were concise, to the point, and expressed in a friendly non-academic manner. All in all, a far better informative job than most of what I have seen. Thank you very much!

Chuckles   02-July-11 - 13:30:44
Hahahaha. I’m not too birhgt today. Great post!

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