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Offray Ribbon: How To's - Comments

Offray Ribbon: How To's - illustrated, online instructional brochures that feature creative ideas on using ribbons to brighten your home, wardrobe and christmas, including how to make a florist bow, pompom bow, starburst bow, pinwheel bow, dior bow, package bow, ribbon angel, Christmas angel, ribbon ornaments, victorian tassel, victorian fan, circus animals, ribbon memento bag, ribbon rose, summer bouquet, spring bouquet and much more

Rose Marie Stine   08-October-2004 - 10:30:56
I want to learn ribbon embroidery. Also, embroidery on boxes. Thank you

sara   15-January-2007 - 00:43:54
it's a brilliant site.
thanks for easy learning

Joella   28-April-2007 - 00:34:10
I would love to learn how to make the Offray "Circus Animals" ie. Lion, Monkey, Elephant, Zebra, Giraffe, Bear..... etc.

gigi smith   26-May-2007 - 23:19:07
Wonderful free ribbon projects.

grainger   14-December-2007 - 05:16:05
great easy to follow instructions

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