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Hofer Tennis: Tip of the Week Archive - Comments

Hofer Tennis: Tip of the Week Archive - an arcive of illustrated tennis tips, with instruction on the backhand volley, balance, drop shot, eastern backhand grip, handling the high bounce, hitting on the rise, on court summer fitness, open stance forehand, racquet grips, rest and recovery, service toss, tennis racquet weight, tennis string tension, the split step, topspin, volleys and more

Tom Harton   14-September-2004 - 17:52:47

I like your style of instructional writing. I do some myself.

In your piece on high balls, you might mention that another way to hit the high incoming ball is to hit a shoulder high slice. This is usefull when you don't have time to back up adequately, and can be used with excellent accuracy and with pretty good pace. Tom Harton, Chapel Hill, NC.

Doug Hofer   29-October-2005 - 01:36:05
You are very correct. I was focusing only on one aspect of handling high balls. Thanks for your input.

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