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Eye Magic: Optical Illusions - Comments

Eye Magic: Optical Illusions - a collection of optical illusions that take advantage of the unique physiology and characteristics of the human eye, with accompanying explanations of how they work

Rachael   18-March-2005 - 19:14:11
I think optical Illisions are great for kids. I like doing them myself

justine   18-June-2005 - 12:29:30
it was cool

Alice M. Sunderland   26-November-2005 - 10:54:23
I was "googling" for something fun to do and ran across this--I'm sending it on to the grandkids of all ages .What a trip--and the explanations are excellent--BRAVO

Metodi   23-December-2005 - 05:03:38

jack medhurst   18-January-2006 - 20:55:31
i think the optical ilusionation is a realy goog one when is briney come to this ?

Candy   17-May-2006 - 17:22:02
This web is ok

amdia   15-April-2007 - 03:39:46
it is very good and some r scarrrrrrrrrryyyyyy!!!!!!

aqsa   21-September-2007 - 16:45:26
this was awsome !!! especially the one where u have to concentrate on the four dot in the centre!!!

vijithskp   06-August-10 - 12:22:46

STEFANO   30-September-11 - 19:25:57

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