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Easy Piano Basics - Lessons - Comments

Easy Piano Basics - Lessons - illustrated online beginner piano lessons, with instruction on key names, piano fingerings, the grand staff, note names, note values, accidentals, dynamics, tempos, key signatures, time signatures, intervals, major and minor scales, solfeggio, triads, the circle of fifths and more

jen meier   21-October-2004 - 16:40:08
This site really laid out beginner information well. Support through e-mail was also very helpful! Check it out!

Nancy   17-January-2006 - 20:25:12
I know that web site tutorials are difficult to do correctly, but it seems like this site didn't even do the basics. For example, instead of having a picture of a symbol, the site merely connects you with a word-only dictionary [which was completely redundant because they had already given the definition].

The entire site was done poorly: lacks details, pictures and relevant information.

I spent 15 minutes & was so frustrated that I found something better.

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