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Dave's Origami Emporium - Models of the Month - Comments

Dave's Origami Emporium - Models of the Month - a collection of step-by-step illustrated guides to folding a variety of origami models, including an origami bird, bowtie, butterfly, Christmas tree, dragonfly, drinking cup, envelope, fish, frog, goldfish, house, jumping frog, knight's helmet, lighthouse, lover's knot, mandarin duck, origami Christmas decoration, pig, pigeon, plump crane, rabbit, samurai helmet, seed packet, shirt, snail, swan, tulip, turtle, typewriter, waterlily and more

jaeden   23-October-2004 - 07:46:09
It is a relly good siye for origami, everyone should use it.

Tina   31-October-2004 - 15:52:56
Thank you for sharing for free! You have made life more fun. I'm planning to share the fun of the 4 point star at Christmas with staff. And maybe it will start more interest in origami. Thanks again.

Karina   05-November-2004 - 06:27:18
This site is great!

sum1   29-November-2004 - 16:36:53
Detailed and easy to use

Johannes Broburg   12-December-2004 - 11:06:07
This site is extremely informative!!!

tweety   10-January-2005 - 23:25:03
good website

David   17-February-2005 - 20:15:03
rose or flower

gina   27-February-2005 - 17:57:54
your site is fantastic , i love it and i will tell friends

Linda Librarian   15-March-2005 - 15:17:48
Great instructions. Very clear.

nur hafizah   21-April-2005 - 07:55:14
Your origami diagrams are nice and looks good but i dind't find what i wanted (a simple frog)!!!!

Cathy Bryant   03-September-2005 - 04:40:07
What made this site stand out for me was that it melded the traditional and the modern approach - clear pictures and text instructions but with the addition of traditional diagramming instructions. I was impressed at the range and simplicity - great site, just what I was looking for!

Pansy   25-September-2005 - 13:58:32
Ive seen better but it has alot to choose from!!!!!

laura   07-October-2005 - 13:58:55
I'm just a beginner so it is nice to have the step-by-step illustrations.I also liked the fact that I could see the models before choosing.

George   11-May-2006 - 23:53:22
Alot of good easy to make origami

Anna   27-June-2006 - 14:21:33
Instructions were clearly set out. I was specifically looking for insects & found your index quick & easy to use. Many thanks

986   02-July-2006 - 16:24:15
very good

sophie   24-August-2006 - 12:09:35
really easy to follow, simple diagrams, got it right first time every time!

noemi   28-July-2007 - 20:02:57
i think that this site was liike so awsome its so easy i maid like most copy's of those origami's!

ruby   28-October-2008 - 06:57:19
hi this is the best website in the world

David Petty   01-November-2008 - 13:05:08
My site has moved. New URL is:


I emailed Wannalearn, but they have not changed the link.
You can also find the address in Google.

AOL decided to close their web hosting. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Cody Clay   09-January-2009 - 14:09:43
can you be more specific about the flapping bird because i don't understand it

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