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Fencing FAQ - Comments

Fencing FAQ - answers to frequently-asked questions about the sport of fencing, covering such topics as how fencing originated, whether fencing hurts, the best weapon for a beginner to start with, how long it takes to become good, the qualities of a good fencer, the cost to get involved, cross-training for fencing, improve your technique, right of way and more

Kyt   31-December-2005 - 23:54:47
This site is VERY old and NOT updated. I would actually rank it a 1 because of the new rules and many changes to fencing makes some of his info archaic. This site has not mentioned whether or not Fencing was even in the olympics in 2000. The author wrote merely, that he did not know the results of whether fencing would be allowed or not. After that, it appears the author abandoned the site. This led me to believe that the last time this site was updated was pre-Olympics 2000.

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