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I Will Knot! - Comments

I Will Knot! - step-by-step instructional video clips on how to tie several useful and popular knots, including the bowline, butterfly knot, cow hitch, double-overhand knot, figure 8, fishermans knot, half-hitch, overhand knot, sheet bend, slip knot, taut line, two half-hitches and more

Ken Ryan   04-July-2005 - 13:37:40
Tying knots is an issue of hand movement and becomes an issue of hand memory. Too many knot tying manuals lay out the process showing the movement of the rope only. This works for some, but I find that this method confuses most people. Showing the progression of the rope and the hand movements that create the knot, makes the process simple: easy to follow, easy to do, easy to create hand memory.

This site, in the most simple manner, takes anyone through the steps used to tie the most basic *and most useful* knots.

Michael Oren   28-October-2005 - 04:07:13
Good Site. Very helpful

David J. Taylor   14-November-2005 - 20:59:20
Good site - I used this to learn the two half hitches to teach my cub scout den. One suggestion: slow the tempo of the animation down so it is easier to follow the motion and enlarge the picture so you can the motions more completely.

ezuk   07-December-2005 - 03:55:02
excellent site, with excellent videos. Really one of the best. Videos are a tad too fast, but they do help and are overall very clear.

Jean   16-February-2006 - 11:20:34
I think that this is a great site to teach the fundamentals of tying a specific knot. You can sit back, watch the video clip, practice and achieve success.
Good job.

Larry   03-May-2006 - 19:10:29
Very easy to follow!

Drew W   18-July-2006 - 17:25:56
Helpful site, but the video clips are pretty fast making them hard to follow in some instances.

Brian   27-July-2009 - 10:51:19
My only complaint is, this site has so few knots! Otherwise, the layout is fantastic, and the instructional step-by-step videos are superb.

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