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Kimberly Chapman's Beading - Comments

Kimberly Chapman's Beading - photo-illustrated guides on beading basics, covering such topics as beading supplies, how to make and use a bead spinner, how to thread a needle using a threader, the circular and tubular brick stitch, the square stitch, basic techniques for making french beaded flowers, how to make a beaded tree and more

Wilma   28-February-2006 - 05:04:40
THANK YOU for including beading instructions for left handed people. Although I have a lot of beading books, I really get confused sometimes with the instructions for right handed persons. These instructions will really help a LOT!! Happy beading...

Mike   13-December-2006 - 19:37:01
A wonderful and very informative crafts site on beadwork.I have learned a lot from this, Thank you very much!!!!Mike from Douglas,Az.

abigail   02-April-2007 - 05:35:47
great site catch ya lata aligata

Lilly   30-October-11 - 19:49:35
We've arreivd at the end of the line and I have what I need!

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