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Peter's Online Typing Course - Comments

Peter's Online Typing Course - free online typing course containing 18 sequential lessons and interactive typing exercises

Munhchimeg   13-December-2004 - 21:43:27
Thank you!!!

Bev   10-January-2005 - 21:27:02
Great!!! This is just what I've been looking for!!

Donna   06-May-2005 - 18:54:33
Very easy to learn,you were right,no bells and whistles and no registration nonsense. Are you a christian. Anyway,thank you very much.

Debbie   29-November-2005 - 20:29:13
i think this is good for people who wish to show and know that they can typ fairly well.

nikki   10-December-2005 - 21:36:53
thank you so much i love to type but i do not know how to thanks for the help i apprecjiate it

Olivia   11-January-2006 - 14:11:13
Great site,one of the things I go to most!(and it's working)

ShequettaWoods   27-January-2006 - 16:45:45
I really liked your lessons they have tought me alot in the last few days that I have been using your lessons

Thank you alot

Kathy   13-March-2006 - 18:25:03
This is the best site out there it helped me learn to type and land the job I wanted Thanks!!!!!

PAUL MWASI   19-May-2006 - 07:20:14
basic typing course to improve speed

prako   01-October-2006 - 03:52:15
as good as it gets for one as unskilled as me.thanks pete

caleb   22-January-2007 - 08:46:14
i love it

sharon   27-July-2007 - 22:40:43
thx a lot ! its so ease & amazin to learn wit tis...its soooo useful to beginners lyk me....

Piotr   30-December-2008 - 05:04:09
Nice tutorial

mishari   28-January-2009 - 10:25:14
this is the best site ever i couldnt believe i typed this fast!

ANNE   03-July-10 - 00:45:30
THANKS! IT helps me a lot...im a slow typist but now im improved

ka   24-August-10 - 10:56:56

Belle   22-April-11 - 23:09:12
I thank God and you Peter,it really works! I learned all the keys in less than a month.Now I am working on the speed. This course is a BLESSING!

wendy   19-September-11 - 16:37:40
This is a great site, one of the best I am slowly improving my typing, Thank-you

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