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Dr. Stephen O'Hanlon's Origami Diagrams - Comments

Dr. Stephen O'Hanlon's Origami Diagrams - step-by-step illustrated guides and tutorials on origami folding, with instruction on folding origami animals, origami dinosaurs, plants, flowers, fantasy models, sci-fi models, pokemon, an origami chess set, insects and more

joe   03-March-2005 - 16:06:16
this website is cool!

Chris Heath   30-October-2005 - 10:51:54
The Perfect site to start learning Origami. I like this stie because it gives you patterns to fold which use the folds you have just learnt. Simple as that may sound, I as a beginner have found this difficult to find in books.

SM   21-November-2005 - 20:20:00
Great WOrk

george fad   11-March-2006 - 10:18:28
pretty good

Samuel   11-March-2006 - 11:48:21
East to navigate and tons of self-illustrated steps of various origami.

Jessica Brown   07-November-2006 - 15:04:02
Personally, I thought this website was unclear. I tried to make the rabbit and had alot of trouble.

rebbecca   10-February-2007 - 20:21:01

linh   13-May-2007 - 04:45:08
I very like that

Nancy   17-May-2007 - 16:41:03
I've only been creasing for two years but am still a baby. This site allowed me to save this information so that I was able to read it as I go, without having to stay on line. Great stuff...thanks

Jessalyn   18-May-11 - 01:21:31
Wow! That's a really neat anwesr!

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