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Dansm's Acoustic Guitar Page - Comments

Dansm's Acoustic Guitar Page - lessons in fingerpicking, guitar scales, guitar theory, chords, music notation and guitar techniques, aimed at the beginner

AvidGuitarist   26-January-2005 - 20:47:39
This is the site where I first learned to play! Used to be hosted on harvard.edu, but has been moved to geocities after it got taken down. Fantastic step-by-step lessons from your first chords to your first scales and all the way to basic fingerpicking. Chord theory pages are among the best I've seen. Check it out!

Dave Manny   17-February-2005 - 11:42:36
great sight proubly one of the best sights I have ever used.
great job

steve   12-June-2006 - 22:31:45
What!? Almost everything is a broken link!

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