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BoardseekerMAG: Windsurfing Technique - Comments

BoardseekerMAG: Windsurfing Technique - photo- and video-enhanced guides to a variety of windsurfing techniques, including the fundamentals to sailing, beginner's stance, windsurfing steering, 1-handed sailing, aerial windsurfing, beach start, carve gybe, chop hop, clew first beach start, conca tack, dry gybe, duck gybe, forward loop, the gybe, heli-tack, jumping high, one-handed spock, table top forward, windsurfing tack, vulcan, water start and more

Jim W   15-November-2005 - 19:33:58
As a novice, the vidio are much better than the books I have. I am trying to get the gybe down but am having trouble figuring out the change in angle/dirction of mast/sail going into and coming out of gybe. Practice in November in Iowa is tough.

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