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How To Conquer Public Speaking Fear - Comments

How To Conquer Public Speaking Fear - an instructional article on the key principles for getting over the fear of making a speech and general public speaking, with instruction on not being a perfectionist, determining an appropriate purpose, focusing on two or three key points, how to think of yourself, projecting humility and humor, avoiding overpreparation and more

Demosthenes   20-October-2005 - 14:19:44
This article makes several points that are very counter productive to good speaking. For example, to tell people that the more they plan, the worse they will do is blatantly wrong. Careful planning and thoughrough rehearsal are by far the best ways to overcome communications anxiety. Furthermore, telling emerging speakers to be humble tends to give them the wrong impression. A sense of confidence in their abilities is essential, and even if you don't feel that sense of confidence, a speaker should try to project that aura. Surely it would be possible to find an article on this subject that doesn't not have this level of false or misleading information.

Wale Ibrahim   26-April-2006 - 09:00:07
As a practicing Public Relations Officer, I found the write-up very interesting and educative.I wish to use the lesson gained in anchoring opens of my organisation's activities.

Jobeth   16-August-11 - 08:15:34
IJWTS wow! Why can't I think of thgins like that?

Latrice   23-September-11 - 17:50:10
I told my grandmother how you hleepd. She said, “bake them a cake!”

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