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Card Trick Central - Comments

Card Trick Central - a large collection of well-illustrated tricks, including easy tricks, tricks for beginners, intermediate tricks, tricks for middle level card magicians, hard tricks, tricks for advanced card magicians, tricks that require no preperation, tricks based on math principles, memory tricks and more

Lee Mather   31-January-2001 - 13:45:08
Very well documented and easy too use. Well done

matthew rogers age 12   27-February-2002 - 10:27:32
this site has extremly good tricks which are easy to prepare and presentWith a super affect.

Ryan Drew Helvie   28-March-2002 - 21:26:40
Hey wuz up, N*M*H*J*C,Ctc is a awsome sight and some older kids I know couldn't figure the tricks I preformed from this site.

Joshua ALan Beam   14-June-2002 - 18:11:30
i really loved this site, it gave me better tips and tricks than most any site. Thank You!

Lucas Meyer   20-September-2002 - 17:51:15
this is a great site for everyone, and any kind of trick you want to learn.

Jayo   12-November-2002 - 08:54:57
wow!!- what a great section on coins!

justin   15-January-2003 - 23:19:17
this site is awsome i got so many new tricks that i fooled my brother sister and mom with these card tricks thx man cyah if you could please email me any new card tricks you get cause the easy ones are 2 simple to get same with intermidiate but i dont know the password for hard tricks well got to go byebye thx for the help

Scott   24-January-2003 - 17:21:26
This is a very good site with easy instructions to follow with many good tricks.

frank   04-February-2003 - 06:01:51
ammazing im aways on it

Jake   20-July-2003 - 18:34:20
I just got a virus from their site Music Search I wouldnt go there.

parakal   21-July-2003 - 20:09:07
EAxcellent site for biggners
thank you

massih Sahar   21-August-2003 - 02:09:13
this site has a lot of cool card tricks i made 100$ in one month i fooled my friends with these card tricks.

m   03-September-2003 - 16:03:31

Justin M   07-September-2003 - 17:23:47
I think this site's pretty cool and I learned a few tricks and saw some familliar ones.

Rick   19-September-2003 - 19:08:11
Awsome tricks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I fooled everyone!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

david madar   20-September-2003 - 07:27:58

Alex   02-October-2003 - 13:51:52
A good site will amazaze people nearly every time some tricks are a bit terrible but keep looking and youll find a good trick

Rory   15-October-2003 - 15:17:50
this is a great site

Matt   29-October-2003 - 19:24:29

Edwin   02-November-2003 - 13:54:49
just love those tricks with maths principle.....those people who thought of it is so smart..... well done

Pakistani   08-November-2003 - 20:14:20
It is a great site and i have tested it and it realy works!

uniys   19-November-2003 - 12:19:27
the best web site i've ever been to

a   13-December-2003 - 17:39:37
the greates

Gatesyboy   24-December-2003 - 18:24:33
great site with plenty to build up the beginners repertoir of tricks and sleights

Scott Elliott   26-January-2004 - 14:16:22
As a advanced amateur I find this site easy, excellent and informative The
tricks strike me as of the parlour type adding interesting twist on old favorites.

Zilith   24-April-2004 - 00:18:27
It is a good site. some of the descriptions are tricky to follow but its not that bad, and there are all sorts of tricks 'n such.

Jac421   24-April-2004 - 18:59:08
this site is great!!! except the tricks are hard to follow while your reading

chris   15-June-2004 - 06:59:19
This is a great site for ordinary peole who enjoys a little bit of magic. Although here are many trics, you could chose the one you like most and them practice them all.

kcys   22-June-2004 - 03:04:45
This site really rocks!

Greg   17-July-2004 - 10:49:17
A Great Site with tons of realy great tricks

Ashley   17-July-2004 - 12:00:26
This Is A Great Website!!!!!!

Tori   26-July-2004 - 10:57:57
This site is awsome. I was a beginner, and now I'm doing the most advanced card tricks. Two thumbs up. Great selection.

jey   07-October-2004 - 17:17:48

Aaron Askew   01-November-2004 - 15:28:04
It's awesome but it has so many tricks u can get lost!!!!

nick   28-January-2005 - 14:04:57
i love this site

Betty   11-June-2005 - 11:45:34
This site is great! When i first logged on it i was a beginer now i'm intermidiate.

buat kacing   08-September-2005 - 05:04:48
SUPERB!I love it!it gives me super good tricks and let me do me essay in last minute!GOOD!!!SUPER GOOD!HYPER GOOD!ULTRA GOOD!CYBER GOOD!Eh....good?

Titi Dalalau   30-September-2005 - 15:01:45
The free tricks sould be more spectacular and more well illustrated.

joey   30-September-2005 - 20:53:45

Shaquille   02-October-2005 - 02:46:04
Greatest card tricks ever. To bad i have seen each one of them :(

kenny   06-November-2005 - 13:42:28
this site was alright, but some irstructions confused me.

Sean   12-November-2005 - 19:11:32
This website is the best of it's kind. Awesome job on the organization and great variety. Thank you!

Phill   12-January-2006 - 05:15:25
This is a great site, so many tricks for free! Its hard sometimes to get good tricks without a credit card!

Safa H. Subhani   19-January-2006 - 13:28:51
1. Fan out a deck of 52 cards and tell the spectator to pick a card.

2. After the spectator picks a card, steal a glance at the bottom card of the deck and memorize it (This will be your magic card). Tell the spectator to put their card on the top of the deck.

3. Cut the deck. Tell the spectator, " Now I will magically find your card."

4. Now fan out the deck, the face of the cards facing you, and find your magic card. the card after the magic card will be your spectator's card.

5. Hold out the card in front of the spectator's face and ask, "Is this your card?" The spectator will be amazed.

Nikki   20-January-2006 - 22:31:12
The directions for the tricks were quite confusing!

Andre   05-June-2006 - 13:12:29
its the best, i learned three tricks already

Fay   19-June-2006 - 18:33:53
Not The Best But OK

dilly   23-November-2006 - 17:01:38
nice web

J.J   07-December-2006 - 22:53:14
its very good

Milan Cveticanin   13-December-2006 - 06:11:53
great site!!!

Scott   19-December-2006 - 20:36:51
It is the easiest site to use to find out magic tricks period

Rocko   14-April-2007 - 16:38:56
best magic trick site ever

jkilla   08-January-2008 - 09:13:02
good magic tricks..

blaze   14-June-2008 - 03:56:54
great!!! i love this site..thanks!

joe   17-August-2008 - 12:22:41
i thought this was great i learned 90% of my tricks here it was the best

Jack   02-December-2008 - 11:28:32
On only a quick glance I found that a lot of the tricks on this site are stolen from books by very famous magicians....I notice that the webmaster says the originator of these tricks are unknown, however he sells one of the books concerned in his online magic store so to say he doesn't know where they are from is laughable....

As I stated earlier I only glanced through this site however I found at least six tricks from the intermediate section, that appear in one famous magic book, all the names of these tricks have been changed and have been submitted by unknown people....with no credit to the originators of these effects....some who are distinguished magicians and famous inventors of tricks....I find this absolutely disgusting

Neon   11-June-10 - 18:30:19
This was a really good source for easy to learn card tricks!

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