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DPE Ice Skating - Comments

DPE Ice Skating - instructional video clips of elementary, intermediate and pairs ice skating skills, covering such skating techniques as forward and backward skulling, one- and two-foot glides, the snow plow stop, t-stop, hockey stop, skating crossovers, spirals, turns, dick glides, bunny hop, waltz jump, skating spins, the side-by-side Kilian position and more

Maria   26-February-2006 - 19:28:40
Not very helpful.

vinny   23-February-2007 - 17:41:35
good information on technique

Ninan   28-April-2007 - 13:31:50
This helps :)

Loren   06-January-2008 - 01:11:00
Very informative with easy to understand directions that follow the videos.

agnes   28-June-2009 - 11:10:29
i wanna learn 3 turns , mohawk 2 foot turns

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