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Baka Neko - Anime Drawing Tutorials - Comments

Baka Neko - Anime Drawing Tutorials - thoroughly illustrated guides to drawing anime, covering the male figure, female figure, male faces, female faces, computer coloring, the super deformed, computer lineart for Photoshop and more

Luckylee218   21-March-2006 - 18:30:30
I think that this website is very good. My skills improved alot after reading it through. It was very detailed and it was obvious that the person had fun making the website as well as teaching how to draw.

J   28-March-2006 - 07:56:15
Best learn to-draw site i've found yet!!! Well Done!!!

haley   30-August-2006 - 19:32:11
I love this website. It taught my alot of things on drawing, and I think more people should use it because it's fun and interesting and you learnalot. So yeah this is a great site:)

Ronin   12-February-2007 - 13:50:19
Pretty experienced.. i must say.If not the best.. he is on the right track IMO.

Its not an exact walkthrough or spoon feeding session, rahter the artist's concept of he tackled the situation. Its a must read if you plan on learning from other people's experience rahter than talent/works.

Shai   25-February-2007 - 15:37:47
The Best! The tuts are awsome! so helpful.

Cee   04-June-2009 - 21:01:27
Wow. This place is amazing for the people like me who are in that funk between amateur and artist, where nothing really seems to help. Read the text, it's useful.

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