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Planning a Two Minute Composition - Comments

Planning a Two Minute Composition - an illustrated guide to composing a short work, covering such topics as inspiration, large- and small- scale planning, program music, using a pre-existing work, analysing an extra-musical object, using musical ideas as starting points, harmonic direction, texture, instrument registers, ryhthmic comlexity vs. simplicity and more

Darcy Chiasson   29-September-2006 - 23:04:08
Of all the composition aid text I have read so far, this one deals the most the the real side of composing... insperation, art, personal touche. Hindson never tells you what you should or shouldn't do, he simply asks you questions thruout the text that make you think... and find the answer hidden within you.

Buffie   17-May-11 - 22:22:50
Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool tihinnkg all around!

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