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Let's Make Origami - Comments

Let's Make Origami - step-by-step illustrated guides to making origami, designed especially for kids and organized by easy, medium and difficult levels, with origami instruction for making a balloon, box, butterfly, camera, cup, dog, frog, goldfish, hakama, jumping, piano, robed servant, sailboat, windmill and more

Tianna Grayer   12-February-2007 - 17:05:13
Very helpful. Exactly what I needed!!

chloe   13-February-2007 - 14:08:47
very easy very good

Blaine lauderdale   26-April-2007 - 17:50:16
balloons are awsome

Jennifer   26-June-2007 - 15:04:18
i am 12 and i found parts of it quite hard to do and thought it was rubbish. some of the diagrams didn't explain things properly, so you were left with something completely different from the diagram. Wouldn't recommend this site for Origami again.

Adam   21-July-2008 - 20:10:34
like the origami but very few

jeanon   24-September-2008 - 10:07:59
i think that this origami sight is very helpful,to people who want to learn how to build stuff!!!!.

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