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Easy Air Guitar, Volume 1 - Comments

Easy Air Guitar, Volume 1 - a thorough guide, complete with diagrams and illustrations, to mastering the "air guitar"

Leon   27-October-2000 - 03:49:47
Before I was just a scrawny kid with a dream, but thanks to Philson's help I have now realized my dream and potential

Dick & The Airheads   02-April-2001 - 07:26:41
Bud Philson

Our drummer, Dick, wants to know if you plan to market a Filson Air Drum kit any time soon. He wants to be a babe magnet just like Dave, our lead guitarist who recently acquired a genuine '56 Stratoblaster Classic. Dave just performs a couple of Pete Townsend windmills and the chicks can't keep their hands off him!

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