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How to Study - Comments

How to Study - a collection of short, text-based guides on various study skills and strategies, with tips on building vocabulary, flexible reading, how to listen in class, how to make an oral presentation, how to take essay tests, learning styles, managing time, novel reading techniques, overcoming procrastination, overcoming test anxiety, remembering information, solving math word problems, spelling long words, study groups, taking multiple-choice tests, taking notes in class, test taking strategies, textbook reading strategies, writing a research paper, writing techniques and more

Lisa Dyson   20-April-2007 - 11:46:43
I would like to have this type of reading to help me with my beginning years of University on = line courses of schooling i'm now actively involved in!

Arlene   31-May-2007 - 22:43:49
I feel this was very helpful. because i am a senior going back to school. and some of the things on here are just what i needed to refresh this old mind. Thank you

shanmuga priya   04-September-2009 - 04:39:17
very wonderful it helps me a lot

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