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Happy Home Zone: What is Feng Shui? - Comments

Happy Home Zone: What is Feng Shui? - short, illustrated guides to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, with instruction on the power of Chi, Bagua, Chakra, Feng Shui color, Feng Shui for the bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining room, office Feng Shui, the water, wood, fire, earth and metal elements, Yin and Yang and more

Marcus Kweller   16-August-2007 - 19:29:42
Lots of great insights, thanks so much.

Maggie   25-August-2007 - 09:47:51
Great info, your living room article really helped me improve my house.

Jessica   26-August-2007 - 17:27:12
Keep up the great work, this site has great potential.

Lisa Jenkins   26-August-2007 - 20:58:05
Great view on interior decorating. I find your articles very informative.

Kate   28-August-2007 - 10:39:59
Great photos!

Capatin   02-July-11 - 21:17:09
This article achieved exatcly what I wanted it to achieve.

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