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Watercolor Sketch: Art Instruction - Comments

Watercolor Sketch: Art Instruction - illustrated guidesheets on watercolor painting and visual art concepts, covering such topics as colors values, how to make interesting shapes, how to use a value range, positive and negative shapes, seeing shapes rather than things, the color wheel, using clear values and shapes and more

Werner Jensen   09-March-2007 - 20:58:30
good first steps to sketching and painting. Helped me better understand basic colour values. Thanks

cynthia harrell   11-October-2007 - 09:31:32
I found the illustrated instruction clear and very useful. The video showed how quickly a convincing rendering can be achieved. I tend to over work and not move around the painting as he did. Thanks!

joseph bayer   23-August-2008 - 18:49:06
the above refference watercolor is first class resource. after years of desin schools. and decades of practice its showing me things I have not seen before. i tell my friends

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