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How to Whistle with Two Hands - Comments

How to Whistle with Two Hands - photo-enhanced guides on the theory and technique on how to whistle with your hands, with tips on two-handed whistling, one-handed whistling and mouth-only whistling

Robert Stemmons   10-February-2001 - 21:29:32
This site is an outstanding tutorial on handwhistling. I highly recommend it.

Paradisian   02-April-2002 - 15:56:58
I find that I rather like lip whistling because it allows me to keep both hands free for playing keyboard or piano or doing other things. Thanks a lot for making this website available.

SARA   21-December-2002 - 20:31:52
Ummmm..... This website was okay; I tried to follow the instructions, but I just didn't get it that well. Maybe I will try it some other time, but thanks I guess... I am not all that big on whistling... but it was really good instructions. Later Gator! C*Ya

Janice Dawyduk   06-May-2003 - 12:05:19
Very well done instructional site.

Alexandria   10-January-2004 - 21:57:49
Hey thNK YOU SO MUCH I TOLD ALOT OF people about this site

Partha Mishra   25-February-2004 - 04:58:37
This is really a gr8 approach and it helped me in a practical way.

Bob Irving   27-March-2004 - 09:02:27
Sweeeeeet site!

Somebody   27-March-2004 - 09:59:49
Ya, very good site. I wish I could do that 1 hand whistle, but I can't =/.

Calvin Cupit   16-July-2004 - 12:03:51
I think that this is a great site and and is now esy to learn how to whistle with two hand.

Thank you

markoz   29-July-2004 - 00:52:44
hello there..
I already knew how to whistle with 2 hands.. but i havent
make it with fingers.. its kind of hard... but o well i
havent cheked it yet but i will.. i just cheked the 2
handded whistle and its just great.. it takes patient to
do that kind of things.. hehe.. o well thnx for all..
bah bye...
Hey if any of you read this and know more about whisteling
and stuff u can e-mail me.. i just love this kind of things..
see ya..

Blah22   30-September-2004 - 18:21:15
THIS SITE ROCKS, great learned how to whistle FAST man, thank u a lot

M   20-November-2004 - 16:12:30
Wow, i did what you said. I have never been ag ood whislter at all, but i blew and i blew and i blew like you said and im starting to get it, you hust have to keep at it!

Jimi   26-February-2005 - 05:40:01
I tried and I tried and I tried and I re-read and re-read and re-read your instructions, and yet I hardly ever get a good sound, and when I do, it doesn't last for long. Oh well, good site, I guess I'm just going to have to keep trying...

Essence   04-July-2005 - 13:16:39
I would really like to learn

Aniket Saxena   03-August-2006 - 02:04:20

Great Site, It was so provoking that right after reading these instructions, I rushed my washromm and tried for whisteling. The more interesting was that it worked. The language is great but lot more can be added.
Aniket. Keep it up along with people!!

Christoffer   09-August-2008 - 06:54:52
I din't learn to do it from this tutorial, but the
one i did learn from is almost the same,
so thumbs up for this.
The only problem i have, is that i find it very difficult to
change the note im playing.

Caroline B.   29-January-2009 - 19:31:00
I can't whistle to save my life. After listening to this musician called Andrew Bird (he's really good, btw), I became really jealous at his whistling skills. So I googled it, and thanks to you, I think I'm getting it!

stefan scott   28-September-11 - 12:46:24
can't load the page..... LAME

stefan scott   28-September-11 - 12:46:31
can't load the page..... LAME

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