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Origami Club - Comments

Origami Club - a large collection of step-by-step origami folds with diagrams supporting and animations and graded by difficulty, inclufing categories for easy origami, fun origami, Christmas origami, origami clothes, traditional origami and much more

Shirley   30-December-2007 - 11:49:46
This is a great site.

Dave Douglas   03-January-2008 - 22:41:52
The best for you and your Kids.

Helen L Pirtle   15-January-2008 - 16:20:48
very fun and interesting site

Adam   09-February-2008 - 17:22:01
This website is the bomb!!!!!HI my nae is Adam and I love origami.I looked up origami for 3 years and I hope you can make a website for me.
I made every thing on this website thats how much I love origami!!!!!!!!

treaclepudbear   28-March-2008 - 17:54:42
Excellant ....got loads of ideas for entertaining kids. Thank you

Diane   18-September-2008 - 10:22:59
Lots of variety on this site. Really great with animations and diagrams.

patricia alyson t. deogracias   16-December-2008 - 08:33:17
i wanna learn how to make pokemon origami

Jaume Sanllehy   20-January-10 - 01:32:18
Thank you for your admirable pedagogical efforts.

Erin   05-June-10 - 01:24:28
I LOVE this site! I have used it to teach my k-6th grade art students! They love it and it is easy to follow.

Unknown   04-April-11 - 05:51:53
Its quite good

Irene   18-May-11 - 02:53:41
You have shed a ray of ssuninhe into the forum. Thanks!

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