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Chinese Painting Step By Step - Comments

Chinese Painting Step By Step - online lessons in Chinese painting, including Preparation, Preliminary Technical Studies, The Way To Use Ink, Line Drawing, The "Contours Technique", The Way To Use Color, The Technique Of Flower and more

Karthikeyan Subramaniam   09-April-2002 - 08:52:07
This site is very helpful for beginners like me. Thanks !

B Lu   02-November-2002 - 10:02:27
Thank you for these wonderful lessons. It helps me a lot.

azar masoumi   30-December-2002 - 15:44:01
i need a lot of course of china painting.

Annette   17-February-2003 - 09:26:17
This gave more information and instruction than any book I have seen--and it didn't cost a thing. Thank you Chinese brush painting Master for sharing your art.

V   23-August-2003 - 23:38:56
terrific! hope the rest of the lessons will be available soon.

Marlene Rudginsky   26-August-2003 - 16:51:28
Thank You for this site! I just printed out the first lessons and got my set of Chinese brushes. I can't wait to start. Now if I can only find some rice paper.

Barry Chin   06-January-2005 - 23:57:44
a must read for beginner. the site gives entree a clear idea of Chinese paintings

mohamed hassan   24-January-2006 - 10:40:52
i have never seen very good site like this one and helpful so much ....thanks for help and explain exactly how to draw but we need more colore photo to help more and more exampl ..thanks so much

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