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Knitting Basics - Comments

Knitting Basics - guides to knitting needles, gauge notations, making a slipknot, single cast-on, knit stitch, purl stitch, slip-stitch decrease, working two stitches together and more

Jeanette   06-January-2002 - 11:58:44
This site provided clear language and graphics. Very easy to understand!

Donna   20-April-2002 - 19:13:42
WOW! Looked for over 30 minutes to find basic techniques. I have been crocheting for so long, I've forgotten some of them so I needed a review. Thanks heavens this site was here, others had some neat and more complex casting on stitches, but I was looking for good old faithful single cast on! THANKS! Donna

margie   05-February-2003 - 01:53:48
I have just found this site and have been looking over the different instructions for knitting (short rows, invisible seams, etc). I am very impressed with your site and I am sure there are others out there who are impressed too. I am an "advanced beginner" and am still finding my way around.

Thank you for your very helpful site.

jessi   21-October-2004 - 23:38:58
psh, requires paying money

Latonya   05-November-2005 - 15:59:31
this website was soooo helpful I have never knitted before and am on my way to making myself a scarf for this winter. I plan on learning much more.

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