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Karl's Calculus Tutor - Comments

Karl's Calculus Tutor - down-to-earth explanations of the material commonly encountered in introductory undergraduate calculus courses with worked examples and email help, covering number systems and their properties, limits, continuity, derivatives, applications of derivatives, exponentials and logrithms, trig functions (sine, cosine, etc.) and more

Andrew Trites   16-October-2002 - 18:52:52
an entertaining twist to what can become very boring material. excellently done and only getting better

Matthew Huebert   14-March-2004 - 00:29:57
very helpful. I got 92% on my first math 116 (integrals) midterm, and I learned everything on this site.

annn   24-August-2008 - 06:50:39
this site should provide more illustrious examples concerning the various topics especially that of limits.

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