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Six Exploding Knots - Comments

Six Exploding Knots - a guide to six knots that untie easily and completely with one tug of the ripcord, including the clove hitch biting a bight, figure-eight biting a bight, sliding butterfly, sliding sheet bend, sliding chinese crown and the double carrick bend

Mark   03-January-2003 - 22:08:04
poor web design, hard to follow

Jamie Carruthers   16-November-2003 - 19:30:41
Its pretty good but need a little breif deffinition under the knot

brant   09-January-2004 - 13:01:09
very useful knots to know. pics could be actual pictures of ropes and hands instead of little lines. but still very useful

Tim   07-July-2004 - 21:33:33
I rated it a bit higher than most I guess because I
liked the first three knots so much. I can use these.
Illustrations are a bit simple, but I found them usable.

fritz olander   12-May-2006 - 13:50:53
Drawings seem a bit obscure & difficult at first blush, but with a little patient observation they make total sense. These knots can be useful (especially 1 and 4) and, in the case of #3, beautiful.

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