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BBC Education: French - Comments

BBC Education: French - interactive french language lessons with Real Audio clips

Justin   19-June-2001 - 07:23:26
I dont see this to be very useful it's rather confusing and difficult to get started. What I did see was confusing and difficult. But its free so how much am I going to complain?

natasha   25-January-2006 - 03:00:19
im going to quebec for a three month french exchange and i am in love with whoever made this page.

Rob   13-September-2006 - 20:13:07
I've been using this site for over a year. It is the best I've found for improving my French. Thanks BBC.

rukh khan   29-December-2006 - 08:31:50
ur this site is so excellent,wonderful and comprehensible that i have no words to say in its appreciation.u people are really serving a common person with heart and soul.we all love you.

paula   01-March-2009 - 19:58:53
This cite is marvelous. You can listen to real people speaking French and check the works at the same time if you miss something. The vignettes are charming and the games are fun. You can move at your own pace. And it's free!! This was a great find!!!

Mirta   29-July-2009 - 13:52:44
Acabo de empezar con esto pero no me va nada mal aunque me abria gustado oir las reproducciones (no se porque pero no fué posible).

lm   18-March-10 - 23:43:44
This site is amazing! Tons of VIDEO, which is rare to find, with english/french transcripts.

C Hill   14-May-10 - 15:25:08
I can't open it. It says "Not available in your area." Hmmm.

Darin   02-July-10 - 21:18:32
The videos on this site are not available outside of the UK for copyright reasons.

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