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Learn Spanish - Comments

Learn Spanish - online text-based Spanish tutorials,covering the gender of nouns, cardinal numbers, plural forms of nouns, definite and indefinite articles, the verb form hay, subject pronouns, regular verbs, adjectives, days of the week, ser and estar, negation, questions, possessive adjectives, weather expressions, irregular verbs, ordinal numbers, months, seasons, and dates , telling time and more

Susan Kelley   22-November-2000 - 09:31:59
I love this!!! I just used your program for the first time and found it wonderful. I'll be back. Thank you

Juan   15-January-2001 - 11:35:48
Amazing amount of free material! The quality is excellent!!!

andrew   21-July-2001 - 11:15:30
it was good site to learn spanish and it had a lot of stuff, but hate to pay for things on the internet.

charles   13-August-2001 - 20:05:27
If you cant learn something here you dont want to learn spanish. These free lessons are the best start for anyone like myself who really want to learn spanish but was always afraid to try it due to the learning curve. The first unit lesson explained so much in a short amount of time and the thing that surprised me was that I was able to understand and use my skill right away. It is worth your time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Argun Ozdemir   06-January-2002 - 04:26:37
I have recently started to learn spanish at a very serious spanish instýtution in Istanbul/Turkey...what I have learned there in the first level course(total 8) in three months was summarized briefly in the first three parts of your tutorial..what is amazing is the summary was precise,wonderfully set up,easy to understand(if you have basics)and covering all what you need; in a small package...congradulations...be sure I will follow you from now on...
Here there is one point I'd like to point out; we foreigners need to hear more to understand this language, which is spoken so fast(I have inquired this issue among the students and the consensus is that they understand more and better when they read the same article as to they listen to it...which I believe is one of the difficult parts of learning spanish...if you people would suggest us ways to overcome this difficulty(other than travelling to spanish speaking country,or attending to a course over there) believe me you will help us a lot...thanks again for your wonderful easy to understand and follow site which I found by chance but will never leave... argun

Sara   24-March-2002 - 15:11:50
I really like this site. I was getting a C- in Spanish until I started studying here and now I'm getting an A-.

Susan Cunningham   27-May-2002 - 10:54:57
Most of these sites seemed aimed at the rankest beginner who never progresses very far. The studyspanish.com site recognizes that most people--okay, at least most norteamericanos, anyway--have a few years of Spanish and probably just want to brush up. If that's where you are, you might want to review the brief lessons on verb forms, etc., but I'd suggest going directly to the quizzes. You can keep generating new unique quizzes to your heart's content.

Elisha   29-May-2002 - 16:06:05
I could speak a little Spanish before I went to this site. Now that I started studying it independantly with the aid of studyspanish.com, I know more than my friends who currently take Spanish in high school!!

Carolyn Steele   08-September-2002 - 09:11:18
I teach ESOL, English and Spanish and like the simplicity of this tutorial. Please continue.

MikeR   22-July-2003 - 07:54:27
A complete must for those interested in how the language fits together. Loads of free stuff for refrerence with tests to make sure you've understood. Take it a little at a time and revise often and you'll progress leaps and bounds!

jennifer   21-October-2003 - 21:02:33
I haved alot and a gotten a Bein cocida from my teacher. Bien cocida means well done.

Anna   21-February-2005 - 13:09:07
Awesome Tutorials! I'm learning more from this site than my college Spanish class!

Cynthia   04-August-2005 - 21:13:15
Clear grammar explanations with good quizzes for practice.

olga   04-December-2005 - 05:50:12

leslie   05-February-2006 - 03:10:32
i'd love to go on my spanish studying with this site, its just wonderful.

Ricardo   04-May-2006 - 18:26:27
Wow! This is the best free tutorial I have seen on any subject anywhere!

luis   15-December-2006 - 12:34:20
for those who want to learn a beautiful language your at the right source.

Stephanie   24-June-2007 - 00:28:09
who can tell me how to even get on the studie programe and who ever does thx u

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