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BBC Education - Languages: Spanish - Comments

BBC Education - Languages: Spanish - a large number of interactive tutorials for students of all levels, including absolute beginners, beginners, intermediate, students revising for their GCSE exams and others

Katherine   15-March-2001 - 09:03:07
Great site with lots of options for all levels. Very easy to use, interesting "real" material ranging from news to interactive exercises. It's "meaty" but more fun than a lot of the "meaty" sites. Not a place to do your primary learning but the best supplement I've found.

lisa   24-May-2001 - 19:29:21
I like this website...very much.....

Michael Domnin   23-September-2005 - 12:19:38
The BBC site is so useful because you can find many interactive learning language courses, like Spanish. There are useful links too to more advanced sites like Television online sites for the language you are learning. Of course, they have a shop that sells language CDs and a very attractive interactive computer operated course for the language that you want to learn (Get into Spanish, Get into French, etc). These are interactive, they do make you work - they make you learn too in a very active way.

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