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Vocabulary Training Exercises - Comments

Vocabulary Training Exercises - Javascript-based vocabulary tests in German, French and Spanish, covering animals, adjectives, business vocabulary, the human body, the human spirit, Europe, food, weather, the home, general vocabulary, clothing, Canada, useful words, basic words, the traveller, automotive, the hotel, professions, soccer, computers, the sea and more

Diane Bowman   12-December-2006 - 17:24:18
I did the vocabulary exercise on parts of the body. The idea of the site is good, but it told me I had a lot of wrong answers--all the ones I put accents on where they belonged were counted wrong. The verbs that could be reflexive were sometimes reflexive and sometimes not; there was no way to tell. And there isn't a way to accept more than one right answer, such as caminar for andar.

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