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French Language Course - Comments

French Language Course - intended to allow you to understand written French (newspapers, articles, magazines, signs on the road during your next trip in France, etc.) and to write a letter to a French friend or correspondent

Leslie   12-November-2000 - 19:31:16
I really think this is a great site... i can really understand and learn french.... thanks.

Reina Guerrero   10-April-2001 - 18:33:32
I enjoy studing the free French expressions and I'm going to downlode the other 280 very soon. I hope this number increse. I would like to see love expressions. I want to tell my husband how much I love him in french.
Mercy beaucoup!

gi rin   27-March-2002 - 00:19:56
Je voudrais bien elever le niveau de mon francais, comme lire et ecrire et parler. J'espere que vous pourriez m'aider. Merci beaucoup.

ashley   17-November-2004 - 15:21:46
this is a very good site!!!!!!!!!1

Abdikadir   04-December-2008 - 07:48:24

je suis en trois mois pour apprendre le langue francaise, je cruis que je progress cet language tres vite, le francaise est tres difficile,mais je essayer apprendre tout de suit.
jesper que je apprenrai francais

Gina   19-May-11 - 01:41:21
Toucdhwon! That's a really cool way of putting it!

Sondi   23-September-11 - 15:00:12
This arictle went ahead and made my day.

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