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Absolutely Learn Japanese-Online - Comments

Absolutely Learn Japanese-Online - an online instructional program in Japan's language and culture thematically taught through characters and their experiences and travels the experiences of an expatriate family newly transferred to Tokyo

Melissa   08-February-2002 - 00:03:01
This has been the most informational site I've ever seen for the Japanese Language. Most of the places I have been to have only given the Hiragana and Katakana chart with a few vocabularly words. This site actually goes into the grammer as well.

Carrie   12-March-2002 - 18:11:48
I love the setup of the Japanese on one side and english on another. The highlighting of defined words in Japanese is a great additive. It really helps. Nice sound files, too.

Mathias   14-March-2002 - 05:33:52
Fast learning, man!

Akira Kashiwada   01-April-2002 - 02:51:21
Nice site.

Mike   29-November-2002 - 23:38:32
This is one of the best sites for learning japanese I have ever seen. It has great spoken dialogue for listening skill improvement and the written translation is in both english and japanese for easy reference. The only improvement I would love to see is more lessons with advanced spoken dialogue with both speakers being native japanese.

Tom Chuugoku-jin   20-June-2004 - 23:06:35
I love this site as much as I love cheese and kanji. I love you all and especially this site.

Bill   06-August-2006 - 23:59:40
This website makes Japanese learning fun, exciting, and easy. No matter what the level of education you may or may not have with Japanese, this is a good place to come. Whether or not it be your first time, or you need a little brush-up, this site is perfect for whatever you may need!!!

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