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Chinese Multimedia Tutorial - Comments

Chinese Multimedia Tutorial - online lessons to help you learn Chinese greetings, expressing thanks, and some basic terms related to food

Tony Lutz   06-October-2000 - 08:01:52
These are the simple, practical phrases for which I was looking. Unfortunately, I do not have audio capabilities on my computer. I'll have to check back to the site after hooking up speakers. I printed out the phrases to facilitate studying them. It would be nice if Chinese printed in black without the red background (the same as the phrase in English.
Thanks. - Tony Lutz

lung   31-January-2001 - 13:05:57
This is great!!! I live in Arakansas where there are no oientals...I just moved from CA recently and studied a little mandarin. I found this on the web and now I can say hello to the owners of the Chinese rest. in AR...where I live there are three.Thank you for guiding me. Kung Hay Fat Choy domo arigato sincerely, LUNG

syd   28-January-2002 - 01:04:10
It was great fun and very useful and easy to use. I only wish it were longer! I want to learn more.

Nic   11-February-2002 - 22:01:45
good, sounds alittle muddy though. especially appreciate "without sugar"
Since I am allegergic.

Atlas   09-January-2003 - 18:46:04
It was a great site, I slipped and accidently gave it a low rating though...sorry about that. :)

arif   14-May-2003 - 01:34:53
Amazingly Helpful!!!!!

patricia   25-June-2003 - 00:10:27
I am attempting to learn Chinese. I appreciate the clarity of your information, and would like more. Thanks

Princess   24-July-2003 - 05:17:04
This is very very helpful for people who wants to learn Mandarin. I appreciate this so much. Shifen Ganxie.

Steven Malamuth, Ph.D.   15-March-2004 - 03:13:12
Hen Hao. xhie xhie nimen. Wo ting bu da dung, ke shur jin tien wo dung duode nimende swhowha (jiang y jiang). I'm very hard of hearing and it is a pleasure to be able to have the speaker raise his voice and repeat it over and over again and again until every little bit is heard clearly and spoken back with proper tonal inflections. I'll practice for my up comming trip to China. Thank You.

Jim   21-June-2004 - 02:49:34
I'm interested in learning simple phonetics and this was a good intro.

Thank you

zach   25-October-2004 - 13:00:23
this site is one of the best i have seen.

thomas   24-June-2005 - 07:45:18
Found expressions very handy

john   16-October-2005 - 13:58:01
very useful.

Pinky frm Akl, NZ   26-December-2007 - 17:54:32
What an awesome way of learning basic Chinese. To the creator of this site, I recommend you do a full length 'learn how to speak Chinese Tutorial' and no doubt you'll have thousands of hits a day. Other than that, an excellent site & concept :)
Well Done, Happy New Year too.

translatorvasan   03-August-10 - 00:02:09
Learning basic chinese expressions by hearing a native chinese speaker is highly effective.

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