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BBC Education - Languages: German - Comments

BBC Education - Languages: German - a large number of interactive tutorials for students of all levels, including absolute beginners, beginners, intermediate, students revising for their GCSE exams and others

Lydia.zhu   29-March-2002 - 03:08:38
This is the first time that I enter this website. I want to learn some German and hope this website can make me succeed.

from deutschland   19-January-2003 - 17:57:10
your website perfect

awesome monkey   23-October-10 - 19:28:47
It was really cool. It was all free and I learned German in one month. It is a pretty awesome sight for beginners or experts in the German laungauge. The also have other launguages that I think I might learn. But, the only thing I didn't like about it is that it didn't give you anything to print out and practice. Other than that, it was all great.

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