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Elementary Course of Gaelic - Comments

Elementary Course of Gaelic - a few lessons from an-out-of-copyright book of the same name, covering letters, vowel sounds, consonant sounds, word order, nouns and more

Kelly Murphy   14-January-2000 - 12:42:47
This course looks great. It is good how they have got the english equivalent for how the Gaelic words are supposed to sound. Otherwise it might not sound the way it should!

Zeph   06-April-2003 - 01:47:33
This reference does two things particularly well. The first is that it has a table of pronuciation that exemplifies the subtle pronuciations of a vowel or consonant in a "vocally illustrative" way. The second is that it used english words with Gaellic structure.

-> Saw the man(a) horse yesterday
-> "The man saw a horse yesterday."

I've always find it easier to acquire new languages when I can speak english using the structure of the language. Then it's merely a matter of mapping the words one for one.

(Silly example: Think of the manner of speach of the StarWars character Yoda: "Yoda am I" "Strong is The Force with this one".)

My 2 cents.

Kera Wilson   04-September-2003 - 15:03:58
I have wanted to learn Gaelic for so long and this is just a great place to start! I intend to order this book.

Braeden   24-March-2004 - 21:35:55
I'm 11 years old and my history is from scotland so I want to learn more about its languages and history

David Hannaway   11-January-2006 - 18:31:54
Very Helpful

Randy Macfarlane   07-April-2006 - 15:22:21
i am 32yrs old and my great aunt is the only one left in our family who speaks gaelic.i would like to learn this language so as i may pass it on to my children and then their children and so on.

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