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Irish Lesson with Celtic Harpist Dennis Doyle - Comments

Irish Lesson with Celtic Harpist Dennis Doyle - a guide to the Gaelic language with phonetic spellings for every word, convering greetings, naming people, pleasantries, parting, around the table, colours, time, some nouns, adjectives and verbs, the verb "to be", the prepositional pronoun "ar", useful phrases, blessings and curses, prepositional pronouns and more

jason kilmer   03-October-2000 - 14:19:18
it was very helpful

Katy   25-January-2001 - 17:36:02
ur a good website for younger kids such as age 5-19

IRSH TOUCH   10-October-2003 - 14:56:56
Fantastic site! Just wish he would post more lessons.

Aelwyn   18-June-2004 - 18:24:39
This site is funny and useful. It is good for everyday Gaelic conversations.

Sonas ort!

Gryffithis (nilelen)   08-October-2004 - 13:31:21

James Hay   01-November-2004 - 22:37:16
Very insiteful and well organized

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