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Norwegian in Five Minutes a Month - Comments

Norwegian in Five Minutes a Month - a set of practical Norwegian phrases and words organized by theme, along with a guide to the Norwegian alphabet and genealogical terms

Elissa Jacobs   29-March-2000 - 09:57:32
I would like to know if there are any home video's so I could learn at home the pronunciation.
I can be reached at Aiya85@aol.com

Thanks I'll be going to NOrway in July

BMinn   10-August-2000 - 13:38:43
I wish there was sound so I could hear how the words were pronounced.
Do you know of such a site?

David Stromm Leeson   09-January-2001 - 18:52:58
A most helpful and imformative language guide. It helped on my trip to Norge several times each day!

Dianna Rogan   30-January-2002 - 02:25:27
I would like to know where I can get some audio cassette tapes or CDs to learn the spoken language more easily.

Al Danson   17-May-2002 - 09:56:56
Fun to use. My Dad's Norwegian, and I've been astounding him with my emails. :)

baransata   04-May-2004 - 09:44:04
In order to prepare Bergen test I want to teach myself norwegian.


baransata   07-October-2004 - 05:17:11
I would like to learn norwegian

Betty   31-October-11 - 01:43:26
Super jazzed about getintg that know-how.

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