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Brazilian Portuguese Language - Comments

Brazilian Portuguese Language - an illustrated tutorial with sound clips in Wave format, covering grammar such as articles, adverbs, comparison, nouns, verbs, irregular verbs, future tense, imperative, present subjunctive, prepositions, conjunctions, pronouns, personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, demonstrative pronouns and accents, and phrases including how to ask things, days, months, times of day, expressing time, phone conversation and more

Alexis Pope   21-December-2002 - 21:25:11
Awesome site. Very well put together. Excellent study source as well as reference resource for any level of speaker.

Laura Sarto   25-January-2003 - 14:54:14
It's a very interesting and well done site. Congratulations.

Erica, São Paulo, Brasil   17-March-2004 - 12:56:30
A very useful and incredibly accurate source by someone who´s never been in Brazil and learned Brazilian Portuguese as a hobby.

I certainly recommend it.

Amine   17-June-2005 - 05:44:09
very Good... now I can have a Conversation with my inlaws..

Oronde   06-June-2007 - 02:40:00
This site is really amazing. I met a Brazilian lady who's English wasn't so good at a club, she went back to Brazil and we began to chat via IM. Needless to say our conversations were choppy and a little confusing at times, especially when I tried to make a joke. I sought out help and found this site. In only 4 days she noticed that I was speaking Portugues much better and we understand each other much better.

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