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Björn Engdahl's Swedish Course - Comments

Björn Engdahl's Swedish Course - an online course in the Swedish language, with sound files in Wave format, a pronunciation guide and a Java final exam

Dario   13-November-2000 - 10:50:35
It's a very useful course, and the final test is an admirable idea!!

Laurie Calhoun   05-January-2001 - 18:14:29
It was very nice to find Spanish and German translations of this site. I took the course in Spanish and thus practiced both languages at the same time. A tip: go back over the test and keep trying to correct your wrong answers until you succeed. Then, before you leave, review all of the correct answers once again.

Richard Essam   25-August-2001 - 13:52:20
Very useful to people with no expirience in Swedish - covers all the basics easily but thoroughly - truly a great site!!!!

Sian Evans   25-February-2005 - 23:41:19
excellent site, can't believe this is free!

simon   08-February-2006 - 14:49:07
the best!

Leonardo Resende   21-February-2006 - 10:00:02
A fantastic way to learn svenska for those who dont have an ideia how it works. Bjorn Engdahl s done an amazing job, tack so mycket for putting this website online!

John   25-December-2007 - 00:01:22
Honestly the best online language course I have seen. Simple yet effective. Clearly explains many concepts with pronunciation. Jag talar svenska! Tack sa mycket Björn!

Maarten   17-February-2008 - 16:35:31
One of the few sites with quickstart, and soundfiles. Nice approach.

John Bergstrom   13-May-2008 - 11:54:35
I really like this site - great for learning the basics

Tairaa   15-August-2008 - 00:52:35
I like it, however it didn't give IPA transcriptions.

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