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SEAsite: Vietnamese Language and Culture - Comments

SEAsite: Vietnamese Language and Culture - a set of lessons with sound files for learning spoken Vietnamese, including an interactive guide to pronunciation and a section on "Quick Vietnamese for Tourists"

Rogher   17-April-2003 - 18:47:22
It was awefull I didn't like it it was confusing and It didn't have what I wanted

Anna   16-February-2004 - 22:22:08
The creators did an excellent job! A great website to review and learn vietnamese! Just wonderful!

Sean   18-May-2004 - 11:42:40
its a realy cool site.

Clytie Siddall   15-September-2005 - 04:44:43
I found this series of lessons very useful. It built on my basic vocabulary and gave me structures I could use in day-to-day language. It deals with situations I encounter. As a language teacher myself, I think it is well-designed and enjoyable. I only wish there were more of it! Unfortunately, some of the dialogue sound files don't appear to be there, but apart from that it's an excellent product. It can be used both with pre-Unicode and Unicode systems.

Travell   25-December-2005 - 02:30:36
very useful for those really interested to pick up the language; the pace etc. some of the audio files may be too fast to catch, if not the quality needs to update. but hey' its a free site to learn Vietnamese! this is the best site i found so far.

adnan   29-May-2007 - 08:38:20
This site is helping me to learn this language.....thankyou very much.

rocmanik   03-November-2009 - 01:50:56
this site is misleading....they have extra letters in the vietnames words and the n's are somehow d's

David Alan Shapcott   14-March-11 - 10:07:43
This site takes you through each lesson with ease. I looked forward to my lesson at the end of my day and came away feeling competent. Hopefully this site will soon post the next level up Vietnamese.

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