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How to control your dreams via lucid dreaming - Comments

How to control your dreams via lucid dreaming - an instructive frequently-asked question-list on the subject of lucid dreaming, including such questions as "What is lucid dreaming?", "If you are lucid, can you control the dream?", "Does lucid dreaming interfere with the function of "normal" dreaming?", "Does everybody dream?", "Why would you want to have lucid dreams?", "How do you have lucid dreams?", "Is there a way to prevent yourself from awakening right after becoming lucid?" and more

alyssa   20-July-2002 - 00:40:09
This site was very helpful as to help me learn how to control my dreams, but i think they made it seem all too simple...well I shall see what happens tonight to determain if the advice has helpped me!!

ziba   08-January-2003 - 02:05:28
my dream is : I saw a dead person,he or she gave me her or his bracelet and he or she took my bracelet without i know it,Suddendly i find my bracelet was changed. whatis meaning this dream ? thanks ziba rajair

  08-April-11 - 07:25:07
This is something that everyone thinks. Dreams are like mystery. The more you involve more obscure and abstruse it gets.

dream facts   08-April-11 - 07:32:34
Meditation can be a great help to control dreams. :) I Update myself about dream facts with http://www.dreamanity.com

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